SMR Publications, 2017–18

This past academic year was a productive one for SMR members, not least of all for their publications. The below are a few of them (but see also our post on Vivian’s MTO article).

Jessica Grimmer had a review of the book Playing for Their Lives: The Global El Sistema Movement for Social Change Through Music, authored by Tricia Tunstall and Eric Booth, appear in Notes 74, no. 3 (link).

James McNally had two articles come out. The first, entitled “Favela Chic: Diplo, Funk Carioca, and the Ethics and Aesthetics of the Global Remix,” appeared in Popular Music and Society 40, no. 4 (link).

James’ second article is entitled “Azealia Banks’s ‘212’: Black Female Identity and the White Gaze in Contemporary Hip Hop” and appeared in the Journal of the Society for American Music 10, no. 1 (link)

And finally, Austin Stewart had a review of Bach and the Organ. Bach Perspectives, vol. 10, edited by Matthew Dirst, appear in The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music Newsletter, no. 31 (Spring 2018).

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