Welcome back, SMR Members!

Hello, all! Welcome back! We are excited to begin our tenure as co-chairs for SMR for the 2018–19 academic year. Following a successful 2017–18 academic year, which included events such as our second graduate student conference, “Music and Borders,” we are eager to offer professional development activities and deepen support for our organization within and … Continue reading Welcome back, SMR Members!

SMR Publications, 2017–18

This past academic year was a productive one for SMR members, not least of all for their publications. The below are a few of them (but see also our post on Vivian’s MTO article). Jessica Grimmer had a review of the book Playing for Their Lives: The Global El Sistema Movement for Social Change Through … Continue reading SMR Publications, 2017–18

Next Week: SMR Graduate Student Conference, Music & Borders

Next weekend, March 10–11, SMR will be hosting a graduate-student conference titled “Music and Borders” right here in Ann Arbor. We will attend the UMS performance of Company Wang Ramirez’s “Borderline” as a group; our keynote speaker, Dr. Alejandro L. Madrid of Cornell University, will give a talk titled “The Importance of Being from ‘The Other Side’: Music, … Continue reading Next Week: SMR Graduate Student Conference, Music & Borders

New SMR Doctoral Candidates

This fall, three SMR members joined the ranks of Ph.D. candidates: Nee Chucherdwatanasak (Historical Musicology), Lisa Decenteceo (Ethnomusicology), and William van Geest (Music Theory). Congratulations to all three!

Welcome message from the Co-chairs

Hello, all! We are thrilled to serve the Society for Music Research at the University of Michigan (SMR) as co-chairs for the 2017–18 academic year. Following a very successful first year in 2015–16, during which SMR hosted a graduate– student conference, among other achievements, we spent 2016–17 diversifying our social and professional activities, developing support … Continue reading Welcome message from the Co-chairs