Dissertation Presentations: Kristen Clough and Patricia Moss

Earlier this week, SMR members Kristen Clough and Patricia Moss offered a preview of their dissertations (see abstracts below) in the final stage before their dissertation defenses. Congratulations, Kristen and Patricia, and all the best in the last furlong! Abstracts Kristen Clough, “Opera in Crisis? Reinterpreting and Revealing the Cultural and Political Impact of French Fourth … Continue reading Dissertation Presentations: Kristen Clough and Patricia Moss

Jessica Grimmer: Dissertation presentation

Last week, Jessica Grimmer gave her dissertation presentation, the final step before her dissertation defense. Those in attendance received a tantalizing preview of her dissertation, entitled “Ideological Battlefields in the Music Conservatoires of the French Provinces under the Nazi Occupation and Vichy Regime” (see abstract below). All the best in the home stretch, Jessica! Abstract:The … Continue reading Jessica Grimmer: Dissertation presentation

Michael Schachter defends dissertations

Earlier this week, Michael Schachter successfully defended his dissertations. You read that correctly: as a Theory/Composition PhD, he had to write two dissertations. Please see below for titles and abstracts. Congratulations, Michael! * * * Vol. I: “The Black Clown” Abstract    The Black Clown is a music-theatrical work scored for Bass-Baritone, mixed chorus, and orchestra. … Continue reading Michael Schachter defends dissertations

Stephen Lett defends dissertation

Last Tuesday, Stephen Lett successfully defended his dissertation, entitled “The Psychedelic Listener: Theorizing Music in Therapeutic Practice,” before a mesmerized and near-ecstatic audience. Congratulations, Stephen! Abstract: The Psychedelic Listener: Theorizing Music in Therapeutic Practice Since the advent of sound reproduction, new types of listener have emerged: a consumer-listener enters Muzak’s affective atmosphere and purchases more … Continue reading Stephen Lett defends dissertation

Vivian Luong defends dissertation

Last Monday, Vivian Luong successfully defended her dissertation, entitled “Analysis as Ethics: Experiments with Music Loving,” before an enraptured (not to mention strongly affected) audience. Congratulations, Vivian! Abstract: “Analysis as Ethics: Experiments with Music Loving” In response to critiques of music theory following Joseph Kerman’s “How We Got Into Analysis and How to Get Out,” theorists … Continue reading Vivian Luong defends dissertation

Successful defenses: Anne and Austin

Last Tuesday, SMR members Anne Heminger and Austin Stewart mounted a double-header and successfully—not to mention adeptly and admirably—defended their respective dissertations. Anne’s dissertation is titled “Confession Carried Aloft: Music, Religious Identity, and Sacred Space in London, c. 1540–1560” and Austin’s is titled “The Opera is Booming. This is a City.: Opera in the Urban … Continue reading Successful defenses: Anne and Austin