Stephen Lett defends dissertation

Last Tuesday, Stephen Lett successfully defended his dissertation, entitled “The Psychedelic Listener: Theorizing Music in Therapeutic Practice,” before a mesmerized and near-ecstatic audience. Congratulations, Stephen! Abstract: The Psychedelic Listener: Theorizing Music in Therapeutic Practice Since the advent of sound reproduction, new types of listener have emerged: a consumer-listener enters Muzak’s affective atmosphere and purchases more … Continue reading Stephen Lett defends dissertation

Vivian Luong defends dissertation

Last Monday, Vivian Luong successfully defended her dissertation, entitled “Analysis as Ethics: Experiments with Music Loving,” before an enraptured (not to mention strongly affected) audience. Congratulations, Vivian! Abstract: “Analysis as Ethics: Experiments with Music Loving” In response to critiques of music theory following Joseph Kerman’s “How We Got Into Analysis and How to Get Out,” theorists … Continue reading Vivian Luong defends dissertation

Successful defenses: Anne and Austin

Last Tuesday, SMR members Anne Heminger and Austin Stewart mounted a double-header and successfully—not to mention adeptly and admirably—defended their respective dissertations. Anne’s dissertation is titled “Confession Carried Aloft: Music, Religious Identity, and Sacred Space in London, c. 1540–1560” and Austin’s is titled “The Opera is Booming. This is a City.: Opera in the Urban … Continue reading Successful defenses: Anne and Austin

James McNally: Dissertation Defense

Last Friday, James McNally successfully defended his dissertation (see abstract below) in the presence of a riveted audience. Congratulations, Jimmy, on your outstanding work, and all the best with final revisions.       —————————————- São Paulo Underground: Creativity, Collaboration, and Cultural Production in a Multi-Stylistic Experimental Music Scene This dissertation investigates the interrelated dynamics of … Continue reading James McNally: Dissertation Defense

Anne’s Dissertation Oral Presentation

Last week, Anne Heminger delivered her Dissertation Oral Presentation at the Burton Tower between soundings of the carillon at quarter-hours. Her sizable audience, held in rapt attention, learned about shifting musical practices that attended the turbulent period of 1540–1560 England and how liturgical music both reflected and facilitated religious perspectives during this time (see abstract … Continue reading Anne’s Dissertation Oral Presentation

Dissertation Defense: Ho Chak Law (ethnomusicology)

Last week, ethnomusicologist Ho Chak Law successfully defended his dissertation, entitled “Cinematizing Chinese Opera, Performing Chinese Identities, 1945-1971” (abstract below), before a crowd of distinguished guests. Congratulations, Ho Chak! We’re proud of you, but sorry to have you leave us! Abstract On stage and on film, Chinese opera persisted in being an important means of … Continue reading Dissertation Defense: Ho Chak Law (ethnomusicology)