SMR Summer Reading Group: la paperson

Earlier this week, SMR members met to discuss the book A Third University is Possible. The book, published in 2017, develops a framework by drawing on Third Cinema and Black filmmaking for decolonizing the academy—another challenging and pressing topic.

Ergonomics for Academics

by Lena Leson At some point in the spring/summer term as I prepared for candidacy exams, I realized that it was my body, not my brain, that was suffering the most after hours of studying each day. I made changes big and small to my work setup, and wanted to share the practical lessons I’ve learned … Continue reading Ergonomics for Academics

Musical Instrument Museum Trip

On the opening weekend of spring break, Alyssa, Ho-Chak, Casper, and I had the great fortune of visiting the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, as arranged by Professor Lester Monts and the Stearns Collection. The museum operates on the slogan “Music is the Language of the Soul,” and the bulk of the museum is devoted … Continue reading Musical Instrument Museum Trip

Alyssa Wells on Brass Chicks Blog

Alyssa Wells was recently featured on the Brass Chicks blog—on International Women’s Day, no less—in a piece she wrote about her path to her current research. You can read all about it here.

Cultivate Study Session

Earlier this week, several SMR members braved snowy conditions and took the opportunity afforded by Winter Break to meet at Ypsilanti coffee and tap house Cultivate and get some work done in inspirational and enjoyable company. Photo: Productivity in human form (credit: Anna Rose Nelson).