SMR research showcase

Recently, SMR Forum hosted an event that we hope will be the first edition of many: a research showcase featuring literature pertinent to our individual areas of study. The event works as follows: each member receives SMR funds to purchase a book, and members later meet to present on these books and discuss the contribution … Continue reading SMR research showcase

Elizabeth McLain leads training sessions on Disability and Universal Design for learning

On Thursday, October 24, SMR member Elizabeth McLain led two DEI-Office-sponsored training sessions on Disability and Universal Design for learning, one for faculty and staff at SMTD and one for GSIs from across the university. Several SMR members attended the afternoon session. In this session, Elizabeth shared valuable insight into how an understanding of the … Continue reading Elizabeth McLain leads training sessions on Disability and Universal Design for learning

SMR Summer Reading Group: la paperson

Earlier this week, SMR members met to discuss the book A Third University is Possible. The book, published in 2017, develops a framework by drawing on Third Cinema and Black filmmaking for decolonizing the academy—another challenging and pressing topic.

Musical Instrument Museum Trip

On the opening weekend of spring break, Alyssa, Ho-Chak, Casper, and I had the great fortune of visiting the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, as arranged by Professor Lester Monts and the Stearns Collection. The museum operates on the slogan “Music is the Language of the Soul,” and the bulk of the museum is devoted … Continue reading Musical Instrument Museum Trip

Summer in Prague

This summer I was awarded a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship by the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies to take an intensive two-month Czech language course at Charles University in Prague. The course was extremely helpful for me, as a heritage speaker, to round out my knowledge of Czech. Through … Continue reading Summer in Prague

U-M Music Theory PhDs at EuroMAC 2017

Music Theory PhD students James DiNardo and William van Geest recently participated in the Ninth European Music Analysis Conference (EuroMAC). James DiNardo, in his paper entitled “Grappling with Form and Function in Mozart’s ‘Great’ C-Minor Mass,” adopted both sonata-theoretic and form-functional perspectives to shed light on two movements from Mozart’s mass, suggesting how approaches to … Continue reading U-M Music Theory PhDs at EuroMAC 2017