First meeting of the DEI Student-Faculty Reading Group

Recently, SMR Forum, in conjunction with the Musicology Department’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative, convened the first meeting of what is to be a monthly Student-Faculty Reading group. The goal of this group is for students and faculty to come together and discuss recently published books and articles that are of interest across SMR’s constituent disciplines (ethnomusicology, historical musicology, and music theory). At this meeting, participants discussed selections from Rachel Mundy’s Animal Musicalities: Birds, Beasts, and Evolutionary Listening (2018)—and as a bonus, the author herself participated electronically. We are already eagerly anticipating the next meeting!

Writing Workshop, Spring 2018

Over the course of May and June, Austin, Ho Chak, Lena, Vivian, and I took part in a writing workshop led by Professor Gabriella Cruz. We met twice a week and discussed pre-circulated drafts of a dissertation chapter or article. In all our meetings, we had lively and productive discussion of writing over complimentary snacks and beverages. Each of us had two opportunities to present our writing, first with just the six of us, and second with a guest faculty member chosen by the student. Those faculty who joined us were Christi-Anne Castro, Mark Clague, Nadine Hubbs, and Naomi André. The workshop also included two meetings on publication that we opened up to the broader community. Prof. Cruz procured funding to support the students who took part in the workshop through a Faculty Ally grant through the University’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative. This funding lasts two years, so look forward to a call for participation in next year’s workshop!

– Steve Lett

Academic Publishing Presentation

Recently, SMR members participated in a professional development event on academic publishing with invited speaker Mary Francis, the Editorial Director of Michigan Publishing and Senior Acquiring Editor for Music, Media Studies, and digitalculturebooks. Francis led a conversation on the many aspects of this topic, from pitching a manuscript and drafting a book proposal to navigating the new terrain of digital publishing and issues of equitable access to academic research.

Many thanks to Mary Francis for sharing her expertise with our community of graduate students and to Professor Gabriela Cruz and Lena Leson for coordinating this event! Thanks also to the Rackham Graduate School for supporting this event through the Faculty Allies Diversity Grant Program.

– Vivian Luong