SMR research showcase

Recently, SMR Forum hosted an event that we hope will be the first edition of many: a research showcase featuring literature pertinent to our individual areas of study. The event works as follows: each member receives SMR funds to purchase a book, and members later meet to present on these books and discuss the contribution … Continue reading SMR research showcase

William van Geest conducts dissertation research in Germany

Over the summer, I had the privilege of spending seven weeks in Germany, researching for my dissertation. I spent most of this time in Berlin, but also spent a week in Leipzig and several days in Dresden. As the history that I present in my dissertation (entitled “The Chorale in American Music Theory: A Genealogy”) … Continue reading William van Geest conducts dissertation research in Germany

Anna Rose Nelson, summer research in Basel

This summer, theorist Anna Rose Nelson was awarded a one-month stipend from the Paul Sacher Stiftung in Basel, Switzerland to conduct research pertaining to her dissertation on miniature forms in modernist compositions. While she was there, she spent the bulk of her time carefully analyzing the sketch material available for Brian Ferneyhough’s Sonatas for String Quartet (1967), … Continue reading Anna Rose Nelson, summer research in Basel

Alyssa Wells: summer archival research

Alyssa Wells, a fifth-year PhD candidate in Historical Musicology, has spent the Summer of 2019 doing archival research in Chicago. Funded by a new summer research grant from the U of M Musicology department, she visited the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois Chicago, the Chicago Historical Society, the Newberry Library, and the Chicago … Continue reading Alyssa Wells: summer archival research

William’s Research and Language-Study in Germany

Enjoy learning about what SMR member William van Geest was up to this past summer while away researching and studying in Germany. This summer, I spent two months in Germany studying German and researching. For the latter, I completed a four-week course at the Goethe Institute in Berlin (see photo). My participation in this course … Continue reading William’s Research and Language-Study in Germany