Richard Smith presents at colloquium: ‘New Perspectives of Cultural Contact and Exchange’

Recently, Ethnomusicology PhD Candidate Richard Smith presented at an interdisciplinary faculty and graduate colloquium at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign to discuss "New Perspectives of Cultural Contact and Exchange." Richard's paper "Listening for Rasa and 'Ishq: Cross-Cultural Ontologies of Musical Theory (abstract below) looks at ways listener-focused analysis can help unearth affective bridges across … Continue reading Richard Smith presents at colloquium: ‘New Perspectives of Cultural Contact and Exchange’

Ryan McCulloch presents at the Midwest Graduate Music Consortium

On March 9, Ryan McCulloch presented a paper at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Midwest Graduate Music Consortium. The theme of the Consortium's meeting this year was "The Sonic Turn," and Ryan's talk was entitled,  “The Things We Carried: A Case Study of Popular Music Performance in Kandahar, Afghanistan 2011″ (see abstract below). Congratulations, Ryan! Abstract: … Continue reading Ryan McCulloch presents at the Midwest Graduate Music Consortium

Dissertation Writing Group, Winter 2019

One of the staples of the SMR Forum, the Dissertation Writing Group has been going strong again this semester. Members meet weekly to exchange abstracts, proposals, conference papers, articles, and dissertation chapters, and they receive feedback from their eagle-eyed colleagues while sipping a warm beverage. Informal and little-substantiated studies indicate that participants' productivity increases markedly … Continue reading Dissertation Writing Group, Winter 2019

SMR Members present at SAM 2019

Several SMR members attended last week's annual meeting of the Society for American Music in New Orleans, LA, with two members presenting papers: Nee Chucherdwatanasak gave a talk entitled, "The Future is Local: The Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Community Engagement," and Austin Stewart gave a talk entitled, "Community Music and Artistic Citizenship in Stanley Wood’s Colorado-Themed Operetta … Continue reading SMR Members present at SAM 2019

Anna Rose Nelson and Jake Arthur present at Música Analítica 2019

Last week, SMR members Anna Rose Nelson and Jake Arthur traveled to Porto, Portugal to give papers at a conference titled Música Analítica 2019: Porto International Symposium on the Analysis and Theory of Music. Jake's paper, "'Gin, Vermouth, and Recycled Stories': Early 20th-Century Depictions and Inebriated Travelogues in the Music of Tom Waits" explored intertextuality … Continue reading Anna Rose Nelson and Jake Arthur present at Música Analítica 2019

William van Geest Presents at SCSMT

Last Friday, William van Geest presented a paper at the 2019 South Central Society for Music Theory Conference. His paper was entitled, "The Chorale in North American Music Theory: A Model for Musical Structure?" (see abstract below). William also used the opportunity to sample the local fare and make acquaintance with local wildlife. View from … Continue reading William van Geest Presents at SCSMT

Successful defenses: Anne and Austin

Last Tuesday, SMR members Anne Heminger and Austin Stewart mounted a double-header and successfully—not to mention adeptly and admirably—defended their respective dissertations. Anne's dissertation is titled "Confession Carried Aloft: Music, Religious Identity, and Sacred Space in London, c. 1540–1560" and Austin's is titled "The Opera is Booming. This is a City.: Opera in the Urban … Continue reading Successful defenses: Anne and Austin

Elizabeth McLain: JMR article publication

Recently, SMR member Elizabeth McLain had an article published in the Journal of Musicological Research. The article, entitled "In Tempore Belli: George Crumb's Black Angels and the Vietnam War" (see abstract below), includes in appendix an interview with Crumb himself. Incidentally, connections between this piece and U-M run deep: a fellow Wolverine, Crumb received his DMA from the University … Continue reading Elizabeth McLain: JMR article publication

SMR Winter 2019 Lightning Talks

Last Friday, SMR members gathered for its first-ever series of lightning talks. Several SMR members presented five-minute papers, presenting on topics related to current dissertation work, term papers, or side projects, after which members discussed and provided feedback. Given the success of this event, lightning talks will likely become a regular SMR offering. Photos by … Continue reading SMR Winter 2019 Lightning Talks