Germany and the Czech Republic

This summer, my wife and I spent two months in Dresden studying German at the Goethe Institute on a grant from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst. Before returning to the United States, I also spent some time at the Janáček Archives in Brno, Czech Republic. -Kája Lill   Kája Lill received his M.A. in music theory … Continue reading Germany and the Czech Republic

A Message from the Co-Chairs

Greetings! We’re delighted to serve the Society for Music Research at the University of Michigan (SMR) as co-chairs for the 2016–17 academic year. Last year—our first!—was a resounding success: we established ourselves as an organization; strengthened our community through social events; furthered our professional development with paper presentations, pedagogy workshops, and reading groups; and hosted … Continue reading A Message from the Co-Chairs

Michigan Music Research Conference

The Society for Music Research at the University of Michigan (SMR) hosted its first graduate-student conference on March 19–20, 2016. The conference honored Glenn E. Watkins, the Earl V. Moore Professor Emeritus of Music History and Musicology at the University of Michigan. Events were held in the newly-constructed lecture hall generously funded by Professor Watkins…