Student-Faculty Reading Group: Ritchey, Composing Capital 

Earlier this week, the Student-Faculty Reading group, organized by SMR Forum and the Musicology Department’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative, met to discuss Marianna Ritchey’s book Composing Capital: Classical Music in the Neoliberal Era. Apart from the usual stimulating discussion of a pressing topic, those present at this month’s meeting had the opportunity to pose … Continue reading Student-Faculty Reading Group: Ritchey, Composing Capital 

SMR research showcase

Recently, SMR Forum hosted an event that we hope will be the first edition of many: a research showcase featuring literature pertinent to our individual areas of study. The event works as follows: each member receives SMR funds to purchase a book, and members later meet to present on these books and discuss the contribution … Continue reading SMR research showcase

Student-Faculty Reading group: Envisioning Public Scholarship

Earlier this week, SMR members and SMTD faculty members met for the October meeting of the Student-Faculty Reading group. On the agenda for this meeting were selections from Envisioning Public Scholarship for our Time: Models for Higher Education Researchers, edited by Adrianna Kezar, Yianna Drivalas, and Joseph A. Kitchen. Good discussion and refreshments were enjoyed by all … Continue reading Student-Faculty Reading group: Envisioning Public Scholarship

SMRForum discussion on Academic Ableism

Earlier this week, SMR members braved the smoldering temperatures of Burton Tower for a discussion of Jay Dolmage’s book Academic Ableism: Disability in Higher Education. The meeting was the second edition of the Forum’s pedagogy reading group. Dolmage’s book (published by The University of Michigan Press, incidentally, and available to read online for free) offered a helpful … Continue reading SMRForum discussion on Academic Ableism

SMR Forum: Teaching Music-Analytic Writing

Earlier this week, the SMR Forum’s pedagogy wing hosted a discussion of  Samantha M. Inman’s 2017 article “Teaching Analytic Writing in the Form Classroom” published in Music Theory Pedagogy Online. This session was one of a series of bi-weekly(-ish), pedagogy-focused reading groups organized by SMR Forum for this summer. Stay tuned for the next one of … Continue reading SMR Forum: Teaching Music-Analytic Writing