SMR Forum Abstract Workshop

Earlier this week, SMRForum hosted an abstract workshop to exchange and discuss submissions for the many upcoming conference-proposal deadlines. Several abstracts received helpful feedback and guidance. Look for a good SMR showing at conferences in the upcoming season! photo: William van Geest

SMR Forum: Disability

Last Friday, SMR members met for a forum on disability sponsored by SMR and the SMTD office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. SMR member Elizabeth McLain guided activities aimed at understanding challenges that people with disabilities face, presented anecdotes and information regarding terminology, and answered attendees’ questions (more details below). While SMTD has a long … Continue reading SMR Forum: Disability

Writing Workshop, Spring 2018

Over the course of May and June, Austin, Ho Chak, Lena, Vivian, and I took part in a writing workshop led by Professor Gabriella Cruz. We met twice a week and discussed pre-circulated drafts of a dissertation chapter or article. In all our meetings, we had lively and productive discussion of writing over complimentary snacks … Continue reading Writing Workshop, Spring 2018

Academic Publishing Presentation

Recently, SMR members participated in a professional development event on academic publishing with invited speaker Mary Francis, the Editorial Director of Michigan Publishing and Senior Acquiring Editor for Music, Media Studies, and digitalculturebooks. Francis led a conversation on the many aspects of this topic, from pitching a manuscript and drafting a book proposal to navigating … Continue reading Academic Publishing Presentation

MMF Abstract Workshop

Earlier this week, SMR members participated in a workshop organized by MMF (Michigan Music Forum) to share abstracts in anticipation of call-for-proposal deadlines for upcoming conferences. Participants read and provided feedback for one another’s abstracts. Hopefully 2018 will be another year of a strong U-M presence at regional, national, and international conferences! SMR members carefully … Continue reading MMF Abstract Workshop

MMF Abstract Workshop

The MMF (Michigan Music Forum) team hosted an abstract workshop on December 1. In the workshop, four candidates (Steve, James, Anne, and Ho Chak) talked through their abstract-writing process by presenting their drafts and then the abstract in its eventually accepted form. The second edition of the workshop will be held in mid-January, and any … Continue reading MMF Abstract Workshop