Yuhan Wang



Yuhan Wang is a PhD pre-candidate in ethnomusicology. She pays attention to the intangible cultural heritage, guqin music and its culture. With a focus on guqin’s aesthetic analysis, philosophical interpretation, ecology concerning and intellectual history and cultural research in premodern history as well as contemporary society in the context of informatization and globalization, Yuhan has presented papers at several conferences, including SEM (Society for Ethnomusicology) 2023 Annual Conference, 2023 AAS (Association for Asian Studies)-in-Asia Conference, Taiwan Musicology Forum’s 2022 Annual Conference, and CHIME (European Foundation for Chinese Music Research) 22nd Annual Conference. Yuhan is also affiliated with Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan. In her free time, she enjoys playing guqin, photography, graphic designing, audio production technology researching, and writing poems.

Contact: starryw@umich.edu


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