Next Week: SMR Graduate Student Conference, Music & Borders

Next weekend, March 10–11, SMR will be hosting a graduate-student conference titled “Music and Borders” right here in Ann Arbor. We will attend the UMS performance of Company Wang Ramirez’s “Borderline” as a group; our keynote speaker, Dr. Alejandro L. Madrid of Cornell University, will give a talk titled “The Importance of Being from ‘The Other Side’: Music, Estrangement, and Border Studies in the 21st Century”; and we will hear ten great presentations from graduate students around the country. If you are interested in joining us for this event, which will be hosted in the new Glenn E. Watkins lecture Hall at the School of Music, please register for the conference via the link found here, or contact We look forward to a weekend full of stimulating discussion on the many types of “borders” that influence music scholarship! We hope to see you there!

Image: José Bedia, “Empezando a echar raíces al otro lado (Beginning to Grow Roots on the Other Side),” 2002.

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