Elizabeth McLain leads training sessions on Disability and Universal Design for learning

November 10, 2019

On Thursday, October 24, SMR member Elizabeth McLain led two DEI-Office-sponsored training sessions on Disability and Universal Design for learning, one for faculty and staff at SMTD and one for GSIs from across the university.

Several SMR members attended the afternoon session. In this session, Elizabeth shared valuable insight into how an understanding of the experience of disability in higher education impacts and is impacted by the ways in which we engage with students in the classroom. GSIs left the training session with not only an improved understanding of disability issues at SMTD, but also with concrete strategies to implement (and continually adapt) in the classroom, alongside useful resources (please see links below) for helping to support disabled students and colleagues within and beyond the SMTD community.

Link to pdf of Elizabeth's slides: Download

Ten tips for inclusive meetings: Download

Allyhood Handout: Download

Digital Accessibility, tips and resources from UM: https://its.umich.edu/computing/accessible-computing/atcs/instructional-accessibility-tips

Link to the 10 Tips for Inclusive Meetings (from UM): https://oie.umich.edu/americans-with-disabilities-act-information/ada-resources-and-support-for-faculty-and-staff-with-disabilities/ten-tips-for-inclusive-meetings/

UDL in Applied Lessons & Music History Classroom, specifically scaffolding choicemaking (Andrew Dell'Antonio & Denia Bradshaw): https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1VROAJkdSJvonMm-WvstekskgzKEbTDo3mkp9inoJ3FU/edit#slide=id.g634d62b313_1_0

UDL and Decolonizing the Music History Syllabus (Andrew Dell'Antonio): https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1l7Eu-cwbnnUynkHxaqJIFMVRiBZ_bVDORjuK507sjCo/mobilepresent#slide=id.gc6f73a04f_0_0