Careers Beyond the University Workshop

November 02, 2020

Last Friday, SMR hosted a “Careers Beyond the University with a Music PhD” workshop, sponsored by SMTD’s EXCEL Lab and Career Center. Featuring panelists Dr. Samantha Blickhan, Dr. Austin Stewart, and Dr. Elyse Marrero, and facilitated by SMR co-chair Alyssa Wells, the workshop concentrated on the opportunities, difficulties, and narratives of those working outside the academy with a doctoral degree.

Topics under discussion included networking strategies, non-academic career paths, career counseling, effective job hunting, and the art of translating academic skills to a job market situated outside the university. Workshop attendees remarked that it was very helpful and encouraging.

Thank you to Samantha Blickhan, Austin Stewart, Elyse Marrero, Alyssa Wells, and EXCEL for providing this workshop! We look forward to similar initiatives in the future.