Purpose, Aims, and Functions

This (SMR) organization exists to represent the graduate students in music research (that is, Musicology and Music Theory) in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance (hereafter SMTD) at the University of Michigan (hereafter U-M); to provide a central forum where SMR membership may meet to discuss issues pertaining to graduate students in music research at SMTD; to organize events and symposia that foster the sharing of knowledge in the research of music at U-M; to organize social events for SMR membership; and to support any other organizations whose goals relate to those of SMR. (Read more about us in our constitution…)

Resources for SMR Members

  • SMR Best Practices. Contains information about SMR’s operations, including resources for climate and reporting.
  • Resources for SMR Graduate Students. Contains a list of links to relevant SMR documents; SMR-curated information about our degree programs; resources related to SMTD, Rackham, and the University of Michigan at large; and myriad recommendations for food, housing, transportation, and other miscellaneous services. SMR members are free to add their own recommendations to this document!

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Current Officers (2021–2022)

Executive Committee:

Co-chairs: Dorian Mueller, Sylvie Tran
Secretary: Sunhong Kim
Treasurer: Carlos Pérez Tabares

Non-executive Committees:

SMR Forum (SMRF): Michaela Franzen, Joshua Kerobo, Kai West
Social Committee: Joshua Kerobo, Anna Rose Nelson
SMR Blog: Piper Foulon (managing editor), Sylvie Tran (web editor)
Website*: Sylvie Tran
Conference Committee: Joshua Kerobo, Anna Rose Nelson, Carlos Pérez Tabares, Mayna Tyrrell

*SMR web design photos by Richard Smith unless otherwise noted.

Past Officers