Yiqing Mitty Ma

Music Theory


Yiqing Ma is a pre-candidate student in music theory. She holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Minnesota, and an M.M. in music theory from Louisiana State University. Her research interests generally explore the phenomenology of music forms—as a process of our cognitive perception—from Schubert’s piano sonatas to Japanese post-Millennial rock music. Her recent presentation at the conference of the Psychonomic society focuses on the lyrics’ influences on emotion in songs. Outside of academics, Mitty enjoys hiking, film photography, cooking Hunanese cuisine, watching Ghibli movies, hanging out with her cat, Cereal, and playing carillon. She recently received the Ronald Barnes Memorial Fund from the Guild of Carillonneurs in North American to support her study of Bianzhong’s (Chinese chime-bells) repertoire and adapting it to the carillon.

Contact: yqm@umich.edu


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