Elizabeth McLain Hosts Disability Culture Workshops for GSIs

March 19, 2021

In February and March, SMR member Elizabeth McLain held Disability Culture Workshops for the benefit of faculty and GSIs. The first workshop focused on equipping participants with important vocabulary, understanding, and awareness about disability culture. Participants learned about the ways in which disability justice has been subverted in academia in the past and examined ways in which it is being pursued today. The second workshop worked towards providing participants with actionable strategies for combating disability injustice in the classroom and promoting inclusivity. This workshop included tips on developing universally designed curriculum, utilizing resources from the office of Services for Students with Disabilities, and centering accessibility in pedagogy.

A big thank you to Elizabeth McLain, Rikki Morrow-Spitzer, and Jordan Funk for their work in facilitating and developing these valuable workshops!

Please click to enlarge the photos from the two workshops below, and visit the links to view the workshop slides and handouts.


Slides from Workshop 1: “Disability Culture: Diversity, Inclusion, and Disability Justice”

Allyhood Handout